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Sekilas Tentang PT. Imperium Centrebiz Surabaya-Indonesia

We want to break the myth that blog can't be use to making money and to market the company's profile, products & services, those mind set was 100% wrong, in fact 99% of our product's sales & services came from our onliner clients who browsing our blogs, eventhough our company's blogs was look ugly, simplicity in contains and templates, we do proof that blogs can do very much help to feeding our company, long live BLOGGER!

Untuk semakin mendekatkan diri kami kepada semua VIP klien di seluruh Indonesia, kami memasang nama dan nomer HP para agen lapangan di seluruh penjuru tanah air, para klien bisa langsung menghubungi mereka, jika akan menanyakan soal keberaan kami dan bila membutuhkan detil spek & data teknis, bisa langsung menghubungi kami Hary Setiawan HP 0812 1306 4569 / 0817 0361 2668, berikut dibawah ini al :

- Untuk wilayah Jabodetabek, Jabar, Lampung silahkan hubungi Ms Amalia

 - Untuk para klien di Ambon dan sekitarnya sedia/jual MEJA KONSENTRATOR/WAVE TABLE LOKAL/SHAKING TABLE, READY STOCK 3 UNIT, silahkan hubungi sahabat kami : Toko Emas Mujur Jaya, alamat di Ambon Plaza Ambon, c/p Bapak Haji Soel/Zulkifli HP 085243877778

- Untuk para klien di Padang dan sekitarnya, silahkan hubungi Bapak Rio

- Untuk para klien di Klaten Jateng dan sekitarnya, silahkan hubungi Bapak Suparman

- Untuk para klien di Ponorogo, Pacitan dan sekitarnya, silahkan hubungi Ibu Citra HP 081230317966

- Untuk wilayah Papua silahkan hubungi bapak Kristian

 - Untuk para klien di Aceh & Sumatera, kami sedia/jual MEJA KONSENTRATOR/WAVE TABLE LOKAL/SHAKING TABLE, READY STOCK 3 UNIT, juga sedia/jual portable Jaw Crusher kapasitas 1 ton termasuk vibrating screen, Rod Mill lokal spek Dia 90 cm x P 3 meter kapasitas 1-3 ton/jam, Elektrowinning 1000 ampere, Rotary dryer, Sluice box, Tangki mixer dll silahkan hubungi sahabat kami : Bapak Abi Mursalin 

- Butuh detektor untuk daerah Sulawesi, hubungi bapak Yudha

PROMO SPESIAL, kami tawarkan detektor merek Teknetics USA tipe Digitec harga Rp 4,1 juta, tipe Alpha Rp 4,5 juta, tipe Delta Rp 5,7 juta & merek Fisher USA tipe F2 harga Rp 4,8 juta, tipe F4 Rp 5,6 juta & tipe F5 7,5 juta, unit inden 2-3 minggu, asli produk & merek USA!

Unit detektor ready stock 1 unit Minelab X-Terra, 1 unit Minelab CTX3030 & 3 unit Minelab GPX5000, harga spesial, asli produk & merek Australia! 

Bagi peminat, silahkan datang sendiri atau meminta tolong teman/saudara/orang ekspedisi dll ke kantor kami, untuk cek unit & cek keberadaan serta keabsahan kami!

Selamat berburu emas, happy hunting, happy prospecting, happy detecting...be happy, keep healthy and spirit...

- Sedia jasa Geolistrik untuk mencari vein/urat emas, bijih besi, mangan, batu-bara dll, dengan metode 2D dengan IP, Resistivity & Metal Factor, bisa sampai kedalaman 40-50 meter, silahkan hubungi kami

- Sedia Meja Gold Separator (Meja Konsentrator) 100% buatan lokal Surabaya, sedia ukuran kecil spek L 65 cm x P 135 cm & besar spek L 2 meter x P 4 meter, fungsi al untuk mencuci material, menangkap emas bebas/alluvial/placer deposit/sekunder, meningkatkan kadar ore-material & membuat konsentrat/sari pati ore-material, segera hubungi kami : Hary Setiawan  0812 1306 4569 / 0817 0361 2668

"Welcome to our blog"

PT. Imperium Centrebiz at glance, it was founded at the end of 2006, next we prefered to be called PTICB as our wellknown nick name.We are a services company and agents of several mining equipment's brands, start from wash plant, recovery & clean up system machineries such as Action Mining Services USA-AU with a famous brand of Micron Wave table, SBM China, Keenee USA, a Top Premium Brand MineLab Metal Detector for Indonesia & Malaysia market only etc and mining's product agent such as Iron Ore 63% up ex India, Phospate ex Central Java-Indonesia etc. We sell certain Jewellery Machineries as well.Years ago PTICB was built to accomodated the Group Holding Company which have several business divisions to be more efficient and focused to grab customers, long term business cooperations and get more profits in each business divisions which ran well such as Trading, Transportations, Properties, Financial Services, Mining etc.

PTICB's Chief is Hary Setiawan, he as a founder, think tank and motor of the company as well, to drive and steering the company business to the right directions, be more efficient, and got maximum result to all parties involved. He also official representative a Multi National company base in India-UK which seek all kind of mine's KP or mines owners who want to sell, JV and Take/hand Over their mines to International investor or buyer.

Regarding mining equipment's agent, we have several miners and gold prospectors clients from Aceh to Papua who need (gold) Mining equipments and prospector's machineries & devices, most of them were interest in gold. Our mining equipments & gold prospectors device's order RAISE SLIGHTLY as many inquires bombardier our desk, such as order of top premium model of GPX4500 MineLab metal detector came from Indonesia & Malaysia buyers, we can't even delivering the goods as their expected as hundreds of back orders in our listed (GPX4500 manufactured in MineLab Australia and others 90% mining equipments was imported from our business partner suppliers from USA, Thailand, China etc). Our customers came from Aceh to Papua, Australia to USA, Singapore to Mid East such Sudan, Dubai, Kuwait etc, last but not least we developed PTICB as the best services company ever to our VVIP clients.

Regarding Imported Scrap Metal's agent, since inception we working very closely with local and ASIA's steel mill buyers and linked directly without long chained brokers involved to reputable Scrap Metal processors,
suppliers and traders both ferrous & non ferrous from JP, KR, NZ, USA, EU, UK etc such as TSR EU, Burbank Recycling USA, Aotearoa NZ, MetalX Il etc, to supplying the scrap metal to Jakarta, Surabaya, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh & India steel mill buyers, up to now our buyers were steel mill, although we have non steel mill buyers who having B3 & scrap import licenses from Indonesia government.

Above is PTICB's at glance, thanking you for your business, we are ready to do business for both mutual benefits for long term relationship with worldwide VVIP's customers.

Sincerely yours & Warmest regards

Hary Setiawan
PT. Imperium Centrebiz
qq Action Mining Services Indonesia
Pantai Mentari TH 08, Kenjeran 60123
Telp/Fax : +62.31.3814543

VVIP Customers Care & Services :
- Cell 081213064569
- Email : pticbiz@gmail.com
- YM : hary_stw@yahoo.com